Every company is an attractive target for capable attackers – including yours. Sensitive customer data, payment details, health information, communication data, R&D results, recipes, supply grids, or just your money: Every company has assets worth stealing or sabotaging. Recent numbers confirm this: 44% of all German companies were victims of targeted attacks within the last three years [source: www.reuters.de]. Very likely, though, the actual numbers including the unreported ones are even higher.

A red team assessment grants you a realistic overview of how vulnerable your company really is to targeted attacks by professional threat actors. NSIDE determines strategies and techniques which attackers may use to break into your systems, establish a base inside your network, exfiltrate your most sensitive data, and sabotage your systems. Through our analysis you can identify the avenues an attacker may pursue to harm your organization, block these paths, and thus systematically improve your security. A red team assessment enables you to assess your organization’s security posture and resilience as a whole.

At the same time, you also test your organization’s defensive capabilities: Does your security team detect the activities of a skilled attacker? If so, how quickly? Or is it possible for attackers to penetrate your defenses, spread out internally and access your most important data, all without being caught?

NSIDE is specialized in red team assessments since its inception. We use the same tools, tactics, and techniques as the real attackers: social engineering, physical intrusions, malware tailored to the engagement or written from scratch, lateral movement to spread inside internal networks, security solution bypasses, APT-style persistence and stealth, and many more.


We identify your security vulnerabilities and help you fix them.

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