NSIDE ATTACK LOGIC, or NSIDE for short, was started in 2014 by two security veterans with a shared vision: Not only to provide security testing of the highest quality, but to provide holistic security assessments with a high degree of realism for small, medium and large organizations as well as the public sector – all in order to protect them against the real threats. This was a paradigm shift on the German market: NSIDE did not only perform purely technical assessments, but followed and continues to follow a highly strategic approach with the “attacker’s mindset”. The realism and strong focus on the adversary’s perspective of our assessments is what defines NSIDE and what our clients cherish.

Always following our guiding principles of discipline, creativity and to never stop learning, NSIDE’s team grew from three founding members to almost 20 employees. NSIDE operates offices in two innovation hubs of the EMEA region: in Munich and Berlin.

NSIDE counts about 200 companies of all sizes and sectors among its customers. There are both SMEs as well as blue-chip giants such as 14 DAX (German share index) companies. We support organizations from the areas of IT, communications, engineering and automation, healthcare, chemical industry, energy and water supply, media, and many more. Authorities and agencies are increasingly requesting NSIDE’s services as well, especially from organizations within the administration, law enforcement, and defense sphere.