NSIDE offers a variety of services in the area of offensive security. They range from technical security evaluations, known as penetration tests, to targeted threat intelligence, to comprehensive and realistic adversary simulations known as red team assessments. Whether web application, embedded device, security solution, internet-connected systems, internal networks, mobile apps or specialized environments: We analyze their security. Comprehensively and with the highest degree of expertise.

Learn about your vulnerabilities from us – instead of from the media.

The outcome of each of our tests is a comprehensive report. This report does not only include all vulnerabilities identified during the test. It also contains detailed recommendations on how to fix them. Additionally, we include a general summary of all security findings and an overall risk assessment for a non-technical audience, such as your management. Lastly, we provide a set of general recommendations on how to improve your security even further.

Profit from our expertise. Identify your vulnerabilities!


We identify your security vulnerabilities and help you fix them.

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