Training: Azure Security

The trend in recent years towards moving more and more applications and data to the cloud and processing them there has not left the IT security industry unscathed. For many of those responsible for the technical aspects of these applications and data, however, the cloud has mostly been a playground so far. In addition, management in particular is usually unaware that someone with a lot of experience in the classic on-premise administration of systems cannot necessarily transfer their experience one-to-one to the cloud world. Especially from a security point of view, both technical and organizational, many new dependencies and requirements arise that would not be present in a classic environment.

In this Azure Security training course, a Microsoft-certified trainer (AZ-500: Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer) presents security-related functions and aspects when using Microsoft Azure. Involved in conducting numerous Red Team Assessments, our trainer is able to combine this experience with Microsoft’s recommendations to pave a way through Microsoft’s marketing jungle on Azure security.

What do the participants learn in the training?

The training course first discusses risks and threat scenarios in cloud environments. Based on this, the differences to classic administration are presented, both from an organizational and a technical perspective. Where pitfalls are easily overlooked is discussed and where opportunities allow us to increase the security level in places, even beyond the maximum possible of a traditional Windows environment. This training empowers participants to securely design and operate Azure cloud environments. They will learn about common attacks on just such environments and how best to protect against them.

What are the contents?

The topics covered include:

  • Cloud responsibilities, threat scenarios and risks.
  • Authentication/identity protection
  • Authorization/permission management
  • Secure operation of services and networks in the cloud
  • Threat hunting in the cloud
  • Security aspects of (Azure) DevOps

What is the target audience (prior knowledge etc.)?

This training course is aimed at all prospective and experienced system administrators as well as security managers with or without prior knowledge of the cloud who want to know how to secure an Azure environment in a meaningful way. Only basic prior technical knowledge is required (specifically, participants should know what IP addresses and virtual machines are, but don’t need to be able to configure a VLAN trunk).

How long does the training take?

Duration: 1 day


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