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How attackers think and act

Attackers are becoming more and more proficient. They have long since exploited not just technical but also organizational security gaps and ‘human vulnerability’ to break into companies’ IT systems. The attackers’ approach is usually highly professional: they scout out the target for weeks or months, develop several different attack plans and invest a lot of time in customized attack tools. After breaking into the company, they remain undetected for more than 6 months on average – if they are discovered at all – and steal highly sensitive company secrets, personal information such as health/or financial data and are able to sabotage or destroy critical business processes. But how can you defend against such professional attacks, and protect and defend your company? We use several teaching units – first to explain the theory, and then allow you to play the attacker yourself in simulated environments.

Possible contents

  • Preparation and planning phase
  • Tactical information gathering
  • External attacks via the perimeter
  • Social engineering
  • Physical intrusions and on-site attacks
  • Establishing command and control channels (planning, testing, persistence)
  • Lateral movement and post exploitation
  • Access to critical functions and data (‘most valuable resources’)
  • Insights for the Blue Team


Practice is paramount: Knowing in theory how attacks work is good. But it is even better to have gone through it yourself. That’s why every training course includes practical exercises so you can gradually work through the phases of a targeted attack on your own!

Points are awarded for correctly solved tasks so that workshop participants can measure their skills against each other!


  • Your own laptop with sufficient power to run
  • VMWare Workstation/Fusion/Player or VirtualBox
  • Your own VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation/Fusion
  • Player pre-installed
  • Prior knowledge of IT processes/networks in a corporate environment

Target group

  • IT administrators
  • DevOps
  • Developers
  • IT managers
  • IT security personnel
  • Blue Team members

Training language

Training is held in German – unless there are enough interested people who prefer English.

Certificate of attendance

Each participant receives an appropriate certificate upon completion of the training if desired.

Number of participants:

The number of participants should not exceed 10 to ensure the best possible individual support.


Simply contact us directly and we will provide you with an offer tailored to your requirements and your company.

Dates and locations

Arranged and organized according to your wishes.


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