Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are purely technical security checks where individual systems and IT environments are subjected to a comprehensive examination for vulnerabilities.

Can attackers steal sensitive customer data from your web application via the Internet? What vulnerabilities are there in your internal network that a malware or internal perpetrator could use to harm your company? Can attackers penetrate your internal systems directly from the Internet? Can malware bypass your security solutions such as firewalls and antivirus? The goal of a penetration test is to uncover these and similar technical vulnerabilities as completely as possible.

Their expertise in a wide range of fields permits NSIDE’s specialists to analyze the security of a wide range of technologies. Examples of penetration tests that NSIDE carries out on a regular basis:

  • Web applications
  • APIs
  • Embedded devices, CPEs and IIoT and IoT devices, and other hardware
  • Internal network environments (Active Directory etc.)
  • Cloud (AWS and Azure or Office 365)
  • Systems and networks accessible from the Internet
  • WLAN infrastructures
  • ATMs/self-service devices
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Security solutions such as firewalls and endpoint protection/antivirus
  • and many more.

A penetration test from NSIDE lets you identify technical vulnerabilities before real attackers do. Our penetration tests allow you to detect the vulnerabilities of the systems under test, systematically improve your security, greatly reducing your risk of becoming a victim of a successful attack.

Penetration Testing Phases

Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing


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