Penetration tests are purely technical security evaluations. In a penetration test, systems and environments are subject to a comprehensive vulnerability analysis.

Can adversaries steal sensitive customer data from your web application? Which vulnerabilities exist in your internal network that may be used by malware or a malicious insider to harm your organization? Can attackers penetrate your defenses from the Internet? Is it possible for malware to bypass your security technology like firewalls or antivirus? It is the objective of a penetration test to uncover such vulnerabilities and similar ones.

With deep technical experience in a variety of areas, NSIDE’s experts analyze the security of various different technologies. Examples of penetration tests that NSIDE performs include, but are not limited to:

  • Web applications
  • Embedded devices, CPEs and IoT devices
  • Internal network infrastructures (Active Directory and related technologies)
  • Internet-connected systems and networks
  • Wireless infrastructures
  • ATMs
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Security solutions like firewalls and endpoint protection / antivirus
  • And many more

With a penetration test by NSIDE you can identify your vulnerabilities before the real attackers do. Our penetration tests allow you to uncover your weaknesses, systematically improve your security, and thus significantly reduce the risk of being the victim of a successful attack.


We identify your security vulnerabilities and help you fix them.

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