Digital attacks on companies have become a regular threat and users are increasingly becoming the primary target. The attackers are at a clear advantage: For a company to successfully defend itself, not a single user is allowed to enter their password or open a malicious attachment. For the attacker to be successful, only a single user needs to be tricked successfully. Additionally, by targeting users, attackers often circumvent even the most expensive technical security solutions. Thus, attacks on users have become one of the biggest threats to today’s companies.

Through tailored phishing campaigns, NSIDE tests how prone your employees are to actual phishing attacks. We also offer spear phishing simulations: These are surgically targeted phishing campaigns for single or very few select individuals. These incorporate credible cover stories related to current events in or surrounding the company. This may include, for example, recent job postings, events, company politics, upcoming changes and restructurings and much more.

All of our phishing simulations can be conducted in close cooperation with the worker’s council and personnel board, if required. All phishing simulations adhere to the strictest privacy standards and do not disclose the results of single individuals.

By performing a phishing simulation, you can test your employees’ awareness and train them in the detection of such attacks!


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