The German Hospital Future Fund (Krankenhauszukunftsfonds or KHZF) is the result of the German Hospital Future Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz or KHZG). Behind the unwieldy name lies the promotion of modern, high-quality healthcare in Germany. The funding volume amounts up to 4.3 billion euros. The sum is financed proportionately by the federal government and the states. The federal government is providing 3 billion euros, while the states cover 1.3 billion euros. It was possible to formulate and submit applications for funding to the BAS (Federal Office for Social Security) from the date the law came into force until December 31, 2021. Hospitals or university clinics are eligible for funding.

However, the funding cannot be invested arbitrarily, since it is strictly earmarked: This fund is specifically intended to promote the digitization of hospitals. This includes investments in modern emergency capacities as well as in digital infrastructure, such as patient portals, electronic documentation of care services, digital medication management and, in particular, measures to improve IT security. Investments in IT security are explicitly mentioned in several places in the funding procedure and must account for 15% of the funding volume. It is also mandatory to commission an IT service provider for some of the funding elements, who must provide evidence for the funding approval.

These two special features of the German Hospital Future Fund make it necessary for hospitals to engage a skilled and experienced partner in the service area around IT security, who already has expertise in the area of the German Hospital Future Fund. NSIDE ATTACK LOGIC GmbH has several analysts whose main activity is IT security auditing and who are also already familiar with the details of the Fund. NSIDE ATTACK LOGIC GmbH therefore presents itself as an ideal partner to implement projects within the framework of the German Hospital Future Fund.

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