The result of every security audit we conduct is always a detailed report that consists of three parts:

  1. The Management Summary that includes a summary of the findings and an overall risk assessment in non-technical language. It also lists general recommendations on how to further improve your security – beyond eliminating the detected vulnerabilities.
  2. The Vulnerability Table that contains a list of all vulnerabilities detected, the threats and risks resulting from each, and detailed recommendations on how to eliminate each vulnerability.
  3. The technical test report that contains the technical details of how the vulnerabilities were identified. This not only provides the exact technical parameters of each vulnerability, but also ensures that our findings can be reproduced by you or by us.

This report helps you to understand the vulnerabilities found, systematically improve the security of your organization, systems or products, and assess and eliminate the risks that existed at the time of testing.

After a test has been completed, we hold a final meeting to discuss all findings and countermeasures – either on the phone, via web conference or, if you wish, on your premises. We are, of course, always available to answer any questions after a test.


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