Industry 4.0

Digitalization does not stop at industrial manufacturing plants: Robots and (semi-)autonomous manufacturing plants networked in Industry 4.0 are increasingly eliminating human vulnerability – and replacing it with IoT vulnerabilities. Ancient technologies and protocols as well as approaches from automation that do not meet the security requirements of networked IT environments make high-level networking in modern manufacturing plants both an opportunity and a danger.

In manufacturing plants, it’s not just the equipment itself that can be damaged – at worst, there are risks to life and limb. IoT and embedded devices can be used to monitor and manipulate your environment or gain unauthorized access to other systems on the same network. Robots can destroy the products they manufacture. Sabotage can bring production to a halt or damage machinery, resulting in millions of dollars in damage.

Don’t let it come to that! NSIDE analyzes your (Industrial) IoT devices, control units, manufacturing robots, embedded devices and IT-based automation technology for vulnerabilities. This lets you take advantage of all the opportunities of networking in Industry 4.0 – without the risks!


IoT Lab

The NSIDE Security Lab deals with the analysis of individual solutions and puts them through their paces in a controlled environment. This enables our customers to evaluate the risks of new solutions in detail before they deploying them in a productive environment. If you wish, we can also compare the effectiveness of available security technologies in order to determine the solution best suited for your intended application.

Are you interested in knowing what security risks an IoT device poses? Want to know that a security solution such as a next generation firewall, endpoint protection or anomaly detection appliance delivers what it promises before you trust it with your network security? Even need a working exploit as a proof of concept?

Then the NSIDE Security Lab is the right place for you! The team in our lab offers support in your investment decisions or product developments. Here, we analyze the risks of systems, solutions and appliances that you want to use at your customers or in your own company. We determine whether these solutions meet your requirements and whether you can trust them, or whether they are more likely to open up vulnerabilities in your network. If you have set up (or received) a test installation, we will also analyze it on your premises.


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