The digital transformation by now has industrial production facilities and technologies firmly in its grip: Industrial robots and (semi-)autonomous systems continuously eliminate the human factor in production – and replace it with IoT vulnerabilities. Antique technologies and protocols as well as approaches stemming from the automation and engineering disciplines do often not meet the security requirements of the network environments in modern production facilities. This makes the merging of IT into production technology both a chance and a threat.

Attacks on these systems may not only damage the production systems or facilities. In the worst case, such attacks may endanger human lives. IoT and embedded devices may be used by attackers to monitor or sabotage industrial facilities or may even be used as foothold to gain access to other IT systems in the same environment. Industrial robots can destroy the products they produce. Sabotage can let production come to a halt or damage the production machines and thus lead to millions in damages.

You can prevent this! NSIDE can analyze your (industrial) IoT devices, controllers, robots, embedded devices and IT-based automation technology for vulnerabilities. This enables you to profit from modern automation and industrial IT’s opportunities – without suffering the risks.


We identify your security vulnerabilities and help you fix them.

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