Awareness Trainings, Workshops and Talks

Your employees can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy – this is especially true when it comes to IT security. Well-trained employees are able to detect and fend off attacks, inform your IT department and thus protect the entire company. Poorly trained employees, conversely, are an attractive target for attack – one wrong click or a carelessly entered password and the attacker is already in your network. Our awareness training courses train your employees to recognize attacks.

Our live hacking demonstrations and security workshops let our participants look behind the scenes of attacks. We show how attackers really tick, what tools and tricks they use, and how to recognize their stealthy attacks early on, as well as how best to protect yourself from them. True to the motto ‘Know your enemy!’, we create a high level of awareness through these events and hence one of the best protection mechanisms, ‘user awareness’.

We offer live hacking demonstrations and hands-on security workshops in the following areas:

  • Web Application Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Tactical Information Retrieval
  • Social Engineering
  • Red Team Assessments
  • Network/Wireless Security

We are also happy to conduct these presentations as speakers at events.

We also offer professional training for your technical staff. Whether it is the basics of IT security, secure software development, web security or specific topics – we are happy to develop a training course tailored to your needs. We provide your technical staff with the necessary expertise to assess security threats and defend your systems.

Train your employees and protect your company!


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