Your employees can be your best friend or your greatest enemy. This holds even more true in the case of your company’s security. Well trained staff can detect attacks, stop them dead in their tracks and inform your IT department who can then protect your whole company against the new threat. Untrained personnel, on the other hand, are an attractive target for attacks: One misguided click or entered password allows an attacker to enter your network. With our awareness trainings you can educate your employees and train them in the detection of attacks.

Participants gain a look behind the scenes in our live hacking demonstrations and security workshops. In these, we show how attackers think and act, which tools and tricks they use, and how to spot their attacks early on. Following the credo of knowing your enemy we create a high level of security awareness – one of the best protections against successful attacks.

We offer live hacking demonstrations and practical security workshops in the following areas:

  • Web application security
  • Mobile device security
  • Tactical information gathering & OSINT
  • Social engineering
  • Red team assessments / adversary simulations
  • Network and wireless security

We also offer talks as speakers for events and conferences.

Additionally, we also regularly perform technical trainings for your IT staff. Whether it’s Security 101, secure software development, web security or more specific topics: We are happy to develop a training specific to your needs. NSIDE can provide your technical staff with the necessary knowledge to assess security risks and fend off threats.
Train your employees – protect your organization!


We identify your security vulnerabilities and help you fix them.

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