Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring and Vulnerability Management Support

IT security is a complicated and time-consuming topic that requires and ties up a great deal of internal expertise and capacity. But ensuring the security of your own network is not the only time-consuming task: Also, to identify all your own networks connected to the Internet and to have a complete inventory about them is already a challenge for many companies. There is sometimes no complete overview of all assets, and specialist departments often add new systems as they see fit. This has become easier and more frequent, especially in the age of cloud, leading to more shadow IT.

To support you in these two topics – continuous vulnerability monitoring and continuous inventory and monitoring of all publicly accessible systems – NSIDE ATTACK LOGIC GmbH offers a managed security service for continuous vulnerability monitoring and vulnerability management support. Networks and assets accessible from the Internet are automatically detected and tracked by NSIDE proprietary technology. Professional vulnerability scanners identify vulnerabilities at the network level as well as at the web application level.

In addition to the monitoring services for system inventory and vulnerability identification, a monthly time allotment for penetration testing is part of this service. This allows you to have experts perform targeted manual tests on particularly important or risky systems or applications in order to eliminate high risks and gradually analyze and secure all its publicly accessible applications with penetration tests. This uncovers vulnerabilities that require human expertise, experience and intelligence and that cannot be found by vulnerability scanners.

This service provides you with monthly reports from NSIDE. These reports contain both the current status and the delta (added or dropped entries) of the following information:

  • Inventory of all systems accessible from the Internet, including shadow IT.
  • Inventory of all vulnerabilities detected by vulnerability scans
  • OSINT results for detecting breaches, dumps and leaks
  • Results of targeted on-demand penetration tests

The Delta also enables you to track the elimination of vulnerabilities and quickly detect and respond to newly added vulnerabilities. In addition, you will receive additional penetration tests not covered by the contingent at a preferential price.


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