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Red Team Assessments
Realistic simulation of targeted attacks by professional actors
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Penetration Tests
Technical security assessments to identify vulnerabilities - before the attackers do.
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Phishing Simulations
Using tailored phishig campaigns, we determine how prone your staff is to professional phishing attacks.
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We find your assets which you do not even know about.
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Consulting & Concept Analysis
We analyze your designs and architectures for security risks.
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Awareness, Training & Workshops
Train your employees to protect your company!
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About Us

Sascha Herzog
Sascha Herzog
Technical Director (CEO & CTO)
Jürgen Pfister
Jürgen Pfister
Director of Operations, Legal & Compliance, Marketing & Sales

New Blog Posts

11. March 2019
Exploitation of a Vanilla Buffer Overflow in the o2 HomeBox 6441 Router (unauthenticated) – A Step by Step Abuse Guide
Introduction We regularly investigate the security of Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs), also known as SOHO routers. One important aspect of these investigations is to c...
11. June 2018
Dumping SPI Flash Memory of Embedded Devices
Introduction While auditing the security of embedded devices we often face situations where the firmware of the system under test is either not publicly available or the ...
31. March 2016
Android Apps: From Simple Vulnerabilities to Permanent Malware Infection
Introduction Many people underestimate the possibilities a remote attacker has who managed to exploit a remote code execution vulnerability on Android devices. On Window...

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