Sascha Herzog (Founder & CEO)


has been working in IT security as a Red Teamer and Penetration Tester since 2003. He conducted Red Team assessments and penetration tests at numerous companies across Europe. Mr Herzog has managed many projects for well-known customers such as international financial institutions, DAX 30 corporations, insurance companies, international media groups, government institutions, pharmaceutical and energy companies as well as a number of customers from the German SME sector. As an IT security expert, he regularly gives lectures, publishes articles and contributions in technical books, and imparts his knowledge in workshops and training courses at customers.

His technical focus areas include:

  • Tactical Information Retrieval – Reconnaissance and Open Source INTelligence (OSINT).
  • Malware attack simulations and bypassing security technologies (firewalls, endpoint protection etc.)
  • Red Team Assessments and Social Engineering Campaigns
  • Web Application and Browser Security
  • (I)IoT ((Industrial) Internet of Things) Security

Jürgen Pfister (COO)

has been on board at NSIDE since 2019. He holds a BBA in media and marketing. Most recently, he held the position of COO at BIT Technology Solutions, where he was responsible for numerous OEMs and tiers in the automotive industry as well as BIT’s subsidiary in Croatia. Before that, he was managing partner at the B2B marketing agency grassgreenmedia GmbH for 10 years. At NSIDE, he is responsible for marketing and sales as well as commercial matters and legal and compliance. He is also in charge of the internationalization of the company and the expansion of strategic locations and partnerships.

Rafael Fedler (CTO)


has been working in IT security since 2011. From 2011 to 2014, he was active in IT security research with a focus on Android Security, software security and malware. Since the beginning of 2015, he has been working as a penetration tester, security consultant and Red Teamer. Since then, he has conducted and led a large number of penetration tests and Red Team Exercises as a Team Lead, in a wide variety of organizations ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to public authorities and DAX 30 corporations across a wide range of industries.

His technical specialties and areas of interest include:

  • Android Security
  • Software Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Windows and Active Directory Security
  • Linux Security
  • Network Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Red Teaming/Red Team Exercises
  • Security Product Evasion and Bypassing

As CTO, he is responsible for the technical-strategic development of NSIDE in cooperation with management. This includes, in particular, NSIDE’s own developments in the areas of tooling, software and tradecraft. He also takes care of the advancement of the technical business practice.