Expertise and experience.
Our experts are specialized in a wide variety of areas of IT security. None of us can do everything – but together our team covers almost every subject area. We have specialists in hardware, web applications, network technologies, mobile devices and apps, software security, system hardening, tactical information gathering/OSINT, exploit development, Windows and Active Directory, as well as many other areas. Experience in a wide range of security areas and a large number of projects completed means NSIDE analysts offer an exceptional level of technical expertise to the table. This experience has also earned us certification – as an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

Passion and learning.
One of the best guarantees of good quality is when you love what you do. NSIDE employees have turned their hobby into a profession and have a passion for tackling new challenges. Regular training, conference attendance, and internal research and development projects ensure that our analysts remain at the cutting edge of technology or are even ahead of it.

Communication and customer focus.
The best technical analysis is of no use if the problems cannot be communicated to the customer. The comprehensive reports that NSIDE produces for its security analyses are easy to understand, simple to follow, and include explanations for audiences without technical background. We explain measures to address vulnerabilities in detail and, in the case of final meetings, we’re also happy to explain them in person or on the phone. There are no stupid questions at NSIDE. Security is a complicated topic – we’re happy to help.

Synergy effects.
The experience of NSIDE analysts in conducting realistic attack simulations, so-called ‘Red Team Assessments’, contributes positively to the quality of our penetration tests – and vice versa. Our customers profit from extensive knowledge in the latest offensive techniques, which in turn benefits all our security analyses and their realism.

Focus and fairness.
We do what we’re good at. What we are not good at, we do not do. That’s why we only offer offensive analysis and consulting. We do not have defensive services in our portfolio, i.e. we do not sell or install solutions from other vendors. This allows us, firstly, to concentrate fully on our offensive capabilities. Secondly, we are therefore not subject to any conflict of interest here: we have no interest in any particular result of our analyses, since we do not sell you any solutions as a result. You can therefore rely on the neutrality of our analyses. Should you require assistance in selecting, installing or operating a defensive security solution, however, we are happy to refer you to a large network of long-standing partners.


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