Expertise and Experience.
Our experts are specialized in various areas of security. None of us knows everything – but together we cover almost every topic within this vast field. We have specialists for hardware, web applications, network technologies, mobile devices and apps, software security, system hardening, OSINT, exploit development, Windows and Active Directory, and many more. Through their experience in various areas of technology and a large number of completed projects NSIDE’s analysts accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and technical understanding. This experience was also confirmed and certified in practice – through certification as Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) and Offensive Security Certified Experts (OSCE).

Passion and Pursuit of Knowledge.
One of the best guarantees for quality is to love one’s job. NSIDE’s employees turned their hobbies into their profession and are driven by passion for ever new challenges. Regular technical trainings, conference attendance, and internal R&D projects ensure that our analysts are always keeping up with newest developments – or even being ahead of them.

Communication and Customer Focus.
The best technical assessment is of no use to the customer if the problems cannot be communicated well. Our comprehensive reports which we create for every assessment are easy to follow and comprehend also contain explanations for a non-technical audience. We cover countermeasures to mitigate vulnerabilities with a great level of detail and explain them in person or over the phone in every project’s final presentation.

Synergy Effects.
The experience of NSIDE’s analysts in performing realistic adversary simulations, so-called red team assessments, contributes to the quality of our penetration tests – and vice versa. Our clients thus profit from the most up-to-date knowledge in offensive tactics and techniques. This benefits the quality and realism of all our assessments.

Focus and Fairness.
We do what we are good at. We do not do what we are not good at. This is why we only offer offensive assessments and consulting. We do not provide any defensive services or products. That means we neither sell nor deploy products by security solution providers. This allows us to concentrate fully on our offensive capabilities. It also ensures that there is no conflict of interest: We are not interested in reaching a certain conclusion for any of our assessments, as we do not benefit from the outcome by selling you solutions to the problems we identified. Thus, you can rely on the neutrality of our assessments. In case you require help with selecting, deploying or operating a defensive security solution, we can recommend you a number of various long-time partners who specialize in defensive security solutions.