The NSIDE Security Lab performs analyses of devices and solutions and puts them to thorough scrutiny in a controlled testing environment. Thus, we allow for a detailed analysis and enable our customers to assess the risks of a new product prior to its deployment. On your request, we can also compare security solutions and identify the best technology for your special purpose.

You wish to know the security risks associated to a new IoT device? You want to find out if a new security product like a next generation firewall, endpoint protection software or anomaly detection appliance can keep its promises, before entrusting it with the security of your network? You would even like to have a working proof of concept exploit?

The NSIDE Security Lab provides for all of this. Our lab supports you in your investment decisions and product development. We analyze the risks of systems, solutions and appliances which you may want to deploy for your customers or yourself. We determine whether a product meets your security needs and can be trusted – or if it just punches a hole in your network’s defenses. In case you have a test deployment on site, we are also happy to analyze it within your own environment.


We identify your security vulnerabilities and help you fix them.