Training: Crash Course iOS Application Hacking

This training course provides an overview of Mobile Security on the iOS platform. In addition to an overview of security mechanisms and threats, an introduction to Mobile Application Penetration Tests is given.

What do participants learn in the training course?

The first part of the training provides an overview of the security mechanisms of the iOS platform. In addition to the security architecture, innovations in the current iOS versions are discussed. Clear examples are used to illustrate the options available to you as a developer in order to configure your application securely.

Aside from the security mechanisms, you will receive an overview of relevant attack scenarios on mobile devices or applications. Various scenarios are used to demonstrate existing points of attack and how attackers proceed in practice.

The second part of the course provides a brief overview of the penetration testing of iOS applications.

The following content is covered:

  • Common vulnerabilities in the mobile area: OWASP Mobile Top 10
  • Setting up a test setup
  • Use of tools such as Frida, Cycript, Objection
  • Carrying out a practical exercise

At the end of the training, you will have an overview of the security architecture of the iOS platform, a guideline for the prevention of security vulnerabilities in mobile applications and first experience in conducting mobile security assessments.

What is the target audience (prior knowledge etc.)?

Target audience: app developers, penetration testers, security managers

How long does the training take?

Duration: 1-2 days


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