NSIDE ATTACK LOGIC (or NSIDE for short) was founded in 2014 with a vision: to test security in a technically sophisticated and realistic way, thus protecting large, mid-sized and small companies, government agencies and other organizations from experienced attackers.

NSIDE embodies a paradigm shift – away from exclusively technical analysis to strategic thinking in an ‘Attacker’s Mindset’. This realism and a strong focus on the attacker’s perspective is what sets NSIDE apart and what our clients value.

A lot of discipline, creativity and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge has helped the NSIDE team to grow from the original 3 founding members to almost 25 employees now.

NSIDE’s customer base includes almost 250 companies of all sizes and industries. Smaller medium-sized companies are represented as well as 14 DAX companies. NSIDE supports companies in a wide range of business areas including the IT, telecommunications, mechanical engineering and automation, manufacturing, finance and insurance, healthcare, chemicals, energy and utilities, and media sectors. Increasingly, the services of NSIDE are also specifically requested by authorities from public administration and the security sector.

NSIDE is at your side to advise you on all questions concerning your IT security. This does not mean, however, that we merely detect and analyze security gaps. NSIDE also supports you in the selection and evaluation of service providers and partners. We regard our mission as fulfilled when all defined goals have been realized and their implementation has been successfully completed.