Artificial Intelligence (AI) and especially Large Language Models (LLMs) are being used in more and more companies. Their application promises many advantages due to their ease of use and versatility. However, to deliver maximum added value, they require access to internal company information and tools.

But these technologies also bring new kinds of vulnerabilities. These can cause immense damage when AI is used in sensitive functions. Particularly in the development and operation of internal chatbots or LLMs, it is crucial to consider security from the start. Since it is almost impossible to make an LLM unlearn what it has already learned, incorrect training data can lead to high costs for retraining models.

For example, in web development, there is a growing awareness among developers about potential vulnerabilities, but this is less the case with LLMs and their vulnerabilities. Because they operate with a combination of human language and computer logic, vulnerabilities can be particularly hard to detect here.

NSIDE can support you from start to finish in planning and implementing your AI project with the following services:

  • Consulting on project conception
  • Analysis of planned training data
  • Penetration testing against AI applications and chatbots
  • Awareness training for secure handling of AI