Sascha Herzog, Founder & CEO

Works in information security as a red teamer and penetration tester since 2003. He conducted and headed red team assessments and penetration tests for a large number of European organizations. He was project lead for a number of high-profile customers such as international financial institutions, DAX 30 corporations, insurances, international media enterprises, government institutions, pharma, energy suppliers, and several small and medium enterprises. A recognized cyber security expert, Mr. Herzog regularly gives talks at conferences, authored several articles in well-known German IT magazines, and contributed chapters to several technical books. He also shares his vast knowledge in workshops and trainings for his clients.

His expertise focuses on, but is not limited to:

  • Information gathering, reconnaissance and Open Source INTelligence (OSINT)
  • Malware simulations and security technology bypasses (firewalls, endpoint protection and antivirus solutions, etc.)
  • Red team assessments & social engineering campaigns
  • Web application & browser security
  • (I)IoT [(Industrial) Internet of Things] security

As CEO of our company, Mr. Herzog oversees the everyday technical operations, long-term strategy and internal software development.